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We examine over 1450 home loan products from over 45 of Australia’s leading lenders to find the home loan that suits your needs.

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No time wasting, no frustrating dead ends. Through a series of simple to answer questions, Loan Insights whittle down prospective loans until you find the one that suits you and your family.


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Congratulations Jackie – The hunt for your perfect one-bedder is over.

The hunt for your perfect mortgage begins…

You’ve made an astute purchase in the Infinity by Crown development in Green Square – now you need to make an astute choice on the right home loan for you. That’s where Loan Insights can help.

With access to more than 1,450 different home loan products from over 40 of Australia’s leading lenders, we’re reinventing the way Australians search for their perfect home loan.

We found the perfect home loan for …

How Loan Insights works …

It’s easier than ever to find a loan that suits your needs!

  1. Simply answer some question about your finances in our secure online environment
  2. Loan Insights scans the marketplace for the mortgage offerings that are right for you, taking in your circumstances
  3. Adjust the offer to find the solution that works for you

You’re back in control, with better mortgages through technology

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Comparisons? How’s this!

Many claim to offer the most comprehensive search of the marketplace, but here are the facts …

Lendi – compares home loans from 30 lenders X

Uno – offers home loans from just 17 lenders X

Click loans – searches “the best” home loan from a pool of just XX lenders X

Loan Insights – compares more than 1450 home loan products from (EXACT #) of Australia’s leading lenders. It’s simply better mortgages through technology.

Questions? We’ve got answers!

Our fully qualified live support are here, 24/7, to help you through the process or with any questions you might have.


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